Xenidis Yiannis

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Building A School of Engineering, 3rd Floor, Laboratory of Planning and Project Management

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Academic Titles Dipl. Civil Eng. A.U.TH. 1998, PhD Civil Eng. A.U.TH. 2006
Research Interests Resilient Systems. Risk Analysis in the Life Cycle of Civil Engineering Projects. Applications of Decision-Making Theory in Civil Engineering Projects. Fuzzy Theory Applications in Decision-Making. Management of Infrastructure Sustainability. Human Resources Management. Public-Private-Partnerships for Developing Infrastructure. Infrastructure Investments and Development. Engineering Projects Management. Organizational Theory. Cost and Schedule Management in Civil Engineering Projects.
Teaching (ΤS0300/ΤΠΜ) Construction Equipment, (ΤS1500/ΤΠΜ) Management of Construction Sites, (ΤS4300/ΤΠΜ) Project Management, (PGP-EPSD) Decision and Risk Analysis (Ε3/PGP-EPM) Human Resources Management (Υ1/PGP-EPM) Organizational Project Management for Construction Companies and Management of Construction Sites (Υ3/PGP-EPM) Decision Theory (Υ5/PGP-EPM) Construction Project Management (Υ6/PGP-EPM) Project Appraisal and Financing
Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP) A.U.Th