The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest university in Greece. The main campus is located in the centre of the city of Thessaloniki, and covers an area of about 33.4 hectares. It comprises 10 faculties which consist of 40 schools and 1 single-School Faculty. About 73.930 students study at the Aristotle University, 65.026 in undergraduate programmes and 8.472 in postgraduate programmes, of which 3952 are at Doctoral level.
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Services at AUTH

Student restaurant

Erasmus students can eat three free meals per day (breakfast, lunch and supper) at the student restaurant, which is open during the academic year, every day from Monday to Sunday.


Erasmus students have free use the Central library and its branches. The Library and Information Centre of AUTH comprises the Central Library, 45 branch libraries and a reading room seating 1300 students. It includes a list of more than 1,000,000 printed and electronic documents (), and provides access to 11.580 foreign-language titles, reputable electronic journals and 37 searching databases. It also offers free access to 4.677 million digitized pages and rare archival material on the internet.

Medical care and counselling

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki provides both medical services and counselling. Students from the EU who have a European Health card are covered for medical care in Greece by the Social Security Institution. Students from non-EU countries can get a student medical care booklet from the Secretariat of the School of Civil Engineering. This covers them for full medical care, medication and hospitalization.

Sports centre

The AUTh Sports Centre offers a wide range of facilities, programmes and physical activities. Participation costs 15 Euros per year. Activities include:

  • Recreational sports
  • Classes
  • Indoor championships
  • Tournaments and sports workshops
  • Student sports programmes
  • Competitive sports
  • Trips - Nature day trips
  • Long-distance running events


Camping facilities

During the summer students can stay inexpesively at the University’s campsite at Poseidi in Chalkidiki, a summer resort about 150 km from Thessaloniki. The campsite has sports and entertainment facilities, a restaurant, a life-guard, fire-protection, a beach bar, a students’ kiosk, and a small convenience store.

Modern Greek language courses

Erasmus students interested in taking a course in Modern Greek may do so free of charge at the School of Modern Greek Language at AUTh. The courses include an introduction not only to the Greek language, but also to Greek culture:

Cultural activities at AUTh

Click here for information on the orchestra, the Opera Oberta and choirs amongst others

Other services at AUTH

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Promotional video for Erasmus students

Watch a short video clip about the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and see shots of student life in Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki and N Greece

Thessaloniki, with a population of about 1,100,000, is situated on the coast 500 km north of Athens. It is the second largest city of Greece and the most important centre of the area. It is a modern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history and its cosmopolitan character, which give it a special beauty and charm. At the crossroads of East and West, rich in archaeological sites and Byzantine and Ottoman monuments. It is within easy access of some of Greece’s major attractions such as the beaches of Chalkidiki, Mount Olympus, the Royal Tombs of Vergina, Meteora and Mount Athos.

Moving around the city itself is also easy. Thessaloniki's Urban Mobility Center, provides a journey planner to help people find routes using public transport, on foot or by car, avoiding congestion areas. It also raises awareness about environmental issues and promotes the use of public transportation, cycling and walking.

Thessaloniki was voted as one of the top 10 alternative city breaks in Europe by readers of the Guardian.

Thessaloniki was chosen as one of top 10 nightlife cities by the National Geographic.

Thessaloniki was chosen as one of the top destinations worldwide for 2016 by the New York Times