Since 1994-95, the Department of Civil Engineering operates a postgraduate program leading to Doctorate Degree.

The subject of postgraduate studies at the Doctorate level is the coordinated organization and development of specialized knowledge as well as the production of new knowledge and technologies in the subject and the research directions of civil engineering. The main objective of these studies is the development of the research areas related to the technological, economic and social development of the country with emphasis on those that concern high priority sectors in Greece and internationally.

Course attendance and duration of studies

Those enrolled in the Postgraduate Program PhD candidates must successfully complete four postgraduate courses within the first academic year of their enrollment.

The Postgraduate Program is completed with the successful submission of the doctoral thesis and the acquisition of the doctoral degree. For PhD students who, when enrolling in the Postgraduate Program, are holders of a Master's degree the minimum duration of studies is three years and a maximum of six years. For the doctoral candidates that were admitted exceptionally without being holders of a Master's degree the minimum time limit for obtaining a PhD is 4 full calendar years.