The academic year begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August of the following calendar year.

The academic work of each academic year is structured in 2 semesters of study, both in winter and in spring, each of which includes at least 13 weeks of teaching and 2 to 3 weeks of examination. The start and end dates of the winter and spring semester are set by the University Senate.

Holiday days

Christmas Holidays From December 24th to January 7th
Carnival Holidays From Thursday's Cheese to the Day of Clean Monday
Easter Holidays From Holy Monday to Sunday of Thomas
Summer Holiday July-August

Holidays and Holidays

The 26th of October Celebration of the patron saint of Agios Dimitrios. Liberation of Thessaloniki (national holiday).
The 28th of October Anniversary of "OXI" to Italian fascism (national holiday)..
The 17th of November Anniversary Anniversary of the Polytechnic rebellion in 1973.
The 30th of January The Feast of the Three Hierarchs (religious feast).
The 25th of March Anniversary of the revolution of 1821 against the Turkish yoke (national holiday).
The 1st of May May Day. - Workers' class solidarity day (Labor Day - Strike).
The Holy Spirit (Mobile Religious Feast).