Division covers the main disciplines of the scientific fields listed below:

• Structural Analysis & Dynamics of Structures • Reinforced Concrete Structures • Metal Structures • Building Materials • Building Construction • Building Physics • Environmental Architectural Design of Buildings • Earthquake Engineering and Antiseismic Technology • Numerical Methods in Structural Analysis • Applied Informatics in Constructions • Mechanics of Construction and Continuum Mechanics • Strength of Materials and Building Elements • Experimental Structural Engineering • Design and analysis of construction • Masonry Structures • Composite Constructions • Timber Structures • Fire Protection Of Building Structures • New Materials and Construction Technologies • Maintenance, Repair and Strengthening of Structures • Industrialized and Prefabricated Construction • Databases and Information Systems in Construction • Life Cycle Analysis in Building Structures• Safety and Hygiene in Construction • Concrete Technology • Antiseismic Technology and Pathology of Reinforced Concrete Structures • Bridge Construction • Prestressed Concrete • Seismic Risk Management • Modern Seismic Protection Systems • Elastoplastic Analysis of Structures


  • Structural Analysis & Dynamics of Structures
  • Building Construction & Building Physics
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Metal Structures
  • Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Experimental Strength of Materials and Structures
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Building Materials