Pursuant to Law 4009/2011, each institution is responsible for ensuring and continuously improving the quality of its educational, research and administrative work according to the international practices and in particular the principles governing the European Higher Education Area (http://www.ehea.info) and the directions of H.Q.A (http://www.hqa.gr).

At the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, this work is carried out by the Quality Assurance Unit (Q.A.U.-A.U.Th, https://qa.auth.gr/), which aims to improve the quality of the educational and research work, operation, procedures and services of the Aristotle University, the improvement of the quality of work and living in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as the highlighting of the work undertaken in AUTH in the society, the political leadership and the International academic community.

To ensure the quality of the work of higher education institutions, a two-stage evaluation is carried out:

  • The first stage concerns the evaluation of the project provided by the academic units themselves (internal evaluation). For this purpose, an internal report is presented annually, which includes information on students, teaching and administrative staff, curriculum, student care, administrative services, infrastructure, etc. Q.A.U. Collects internal credit assessments and prepares the institution's internal report every two years.
  • The second stage concerns the evaluation of the project by independent experts (external evaluation) and takes place (at the latest) every four years.

To facilitate these processes, the Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) is defined by each department, which:

  • is responsible for conducting, in cooperation with Q.A.U., the internal evaluation process at the academic unit,
  • monitors the completion of the censuses and questionnaires and informs the institutions and the members of the academic unit about the answers,
  • gathers all the elements necessary for the evaluation, and based on them,
  • draws up the Internal Evaluation (self-assessment) report of the academic unit, which it transmits to the Q.A.U. And through it to H.Q.A.
  • cooperates with H.Q.A. To organize and carry out the external evaluation.

The I.E.G. of our Department consists of:

  • Mrs Katerina Tsikaloudaki, Assistant Professor (Coordinator),
  • Evangelia Loukogeorgaki, Associate Professor,
  • Evangelos Efthimiou, Assistant Professor,
  • Dimitrios Pitilakis, Associate Professor,
  • Kleopatra Petroutsatou, Assistant Professor.

The latest external evaluation of the School of Civil Engineering took place from 29 October to 1 November 2013 by 5 external experts.

External Evaluation Civil Engineering School
Evaluation Reports Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

In 2020 the Undergraduate Program was submitted to the external evaluation & certification process and inspected by a Committee of Independent Experts (07-12 / 12/2020). According to the report of the Committee and the certification decision of ETHAE, the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Civil Engineering, AUTh. fully complies with the principles of the quality standard of ETSAE and the Quality Assurance Principles of the European Higher Education Area.

You can find the report of the External Evaluation & Certification Committee here.