Division covers the main disciplines of the scientific fields listed below:

• Transportation Planning • Transportation Economic • Road Safety • Traffic Control • Transport Systems and Logistics • Public Transportation • Planning and Management of Maritime Transport • Planning and Management of Air Transport • Planning and Management of Rail Transport • Movement and Access of Elderly and People with Disabilities • Environmental Implications of Transportation Systems and Infrastructures • Information Technology Applications in Transport • Design and Construction of Road Infrastructure • Design and Construction of Railway Infrastructure • Construction, Management and Maintenance of Road Works • Airport Planning and Construction • Laboratory Testing of Road Materials and Pavements • Planning and Management of Constructions • Planning and Management of Prefabrication • Management of Industrial Construction Companies • Investment Evaluation • Optimization of Production for Construction • Management of Construction Companies • Elements of Law and Engineering Legislation • Applications of Operational Research in Construction Industry • Urban and Regional Planning • Theories and Applications of Programing and Planning for Sustainable development • Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology • Technology Assessment